daisy day band

original     Seattle     music

Daisy Day Band plays original music that is a mix of folk and heavy Seattle rock. The band was heavily influenced and inspired by folk, rock, punk, and Americana.  You will hear all these sounds in their energetic and heart felt music.  

The band has had one rule from the beginning:  "If it isn't fun then let's try something else."  What this means: Always share a meal at every practice, Always play from the heart and not the head, Always laugh a lot, Always be friends first, Only do covers that we like.  Don't doing it over and over again until we get it perfect, No being mean, No attitude.  This is why the band has been together since 2004 and are still loving it.

Scott’s vocals cut through with an easy tone colored with true feeling. His singing style has been described as powerful and genuine, reminiscent of Cat Stevens or Kurt Cobain.  Scott and Megan mix together guitars, mandolin and ukulele.  Dale on drums and Tina on bass provide a foundation with a driving complexity.

The band began as after work late night jamming in 2004. Soon Dale and Scott began writing songs and developing their own sound. Tina and Megan joined and they knew they had the sound that they were looking for. They have performed under the names Robert Raymond Reed, Living Ted Kennedy's Dream, Bone of Color, and finally Daisy Day.